1930 Ford Model A Part 2

Peter and Di Paice





With the old motor out, and finally on the road December 2018, her brand new motor running was as sweet as... Not long back from South Australian Model A Nationals epic trip, we travelled to Maleny Qld with trailer to meet up with an old trials buddy David Lahey who had brought Daisy’s new heart from Lawrie Kyte Engines of Gladstone to a trials event for us. We also took Peter’s old custom Mick Andrews TY 360 for David to enjoy and tidy up.


The motor was strapped down securely in the trailer and we tried to avoid bumps to protect our precious cargo. However, with a 20km long traffic queue in Brisbane, we asked Siri to navigate an alternate inland route. She took us up the steepest, windiest, narrowest track with ‘dips’ which couldn’t have been further from the smooth road we wanted. Anyway the timber packing and straps had held very securely and our shiny new motor arrived safely back in Newcastle.


A borrowed engine lift saw Peter and our son-in-law remove and replace new engine in 2 hours. It did take another month to replace all parts and peripherals though! Our newly designed and manufactured Model A engine was from Lawrie Kyte Engines Gladstone. He drove his pickup to Murray Bridge with an identical engine. Great guy with impressive mechanical background and knowledge of engine specifications





Back on the road in time for Christmas shenanigans and celebrations with friends in Newcastle.






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This has been a very enjoyable experience, the motor purrs like a kitten and is very responsive. The V8 clutch is lighter and changes quicker than my last 10 years of driving a Model A, but I am trying to adapt. This fantastic Kyte Engines motor is not for the purist who wants things exactly as Henry Ford made them, but all in all we have made the right choice of Model A motor for us. We love to drive our A.


It was very expensive for us at Christmas with Peter getting a new engine and Di getting a new mobile phone to photograph the exciting outcome and future Model A adventures!


Cheers to all,

Peter & Di Paice

April, 2020












Back on the road in time for Christmas shenanigans and celebrations with friends in Newcastle.