1943 GPW Ford Jeep

Bill Hadden


Hi MCMA members.

Just a brief history on my 1943 GPW Ford Jeep. I purchased it from a club member about 3 years as restored.

It was originally posted for duty to the U.S Marines Base Section 3 Military Police Stockade, in Townsville, Queensland. It has matching chassis and engine numbers. Its enhancement - accessories are as follows - carbine rifle mount, canvas shovel-head cover, canvas water bag, canvas windscreen cover, first aid box mounted under dash, grease gun mounted under bonnet service stat sheet mounted under bonnet, and oil can also mounted under bonnet. On board tools are jack-crank handle, tyre pump, canvas roof stored under seat, period World War II helmets and field jackets. This all gives it a bit of ‘bling’ but not as much as the period siren mounted behind the blackout light. All in all it is a great vehicle to drive and own. .I saw an identical Jeep for sale at a Bonham’s Auction in England, on YouTube. It was not half as good, and it fetched twenty eight thousand pounds.

 I have enclosed some photos of my pride and joy. Thanks guys; stay safe, and best regards.

 Bill Hadden

April, 2020


C:\Users\adoolan3\Pictures\Members Vehicles 19.jpg.jpeg

Bill’s 1943 GPW Ford Jeep.

C:\Users\adoolan3\Pictures\Members Vehicles 20.jpg.jpeg

Accessories and ‘bling’ referred to in Bill’s story.

C:\Users\adoolan3\Pictures\Members Vehicles 21.jpeg

Accessories and ‘bling’ referred to in Bill’s story.