Welcome to October, the second month of the Spring Show ‘n Shine Season. In September, we have had Broke Village Fair, Gresford Show ‘n Shine, Paterson Show ‘n Shine, and our Tour of New England departs on the 28th. Along with our Wednesday Runs, there are many opportunities to drive your historic/classic.

Remember our charities for 2019-20 are Riding for the Disabled and Little Wings, as well as an allocation for an emergency charity, if required. Remember to support our fund-raising raffles because all funds raised are shared amongst these charities.

Also, remember our sponsors. Their contributions allow us to provide this newsletter and our website. When out-and-about, and when purchasing, always check our sponsors’ pages in the newsletter (and on the website) and support them with your business. Where appropriate mention our club.

I commend our club website to you. Go to:

and click on galleries. Scroll through to see the wonderful range of vehicles in our club. Col Pike, our webmaster, has provided excellent support for us and has ensured that we are able to upload photos, as they are available. Get into the habit of having a regular look at the website for what has happened, what will happen, and what documentation you need to use for conditional (historic and classic) registration. Remember that if you click on my nose on the home page, it gives you access to the members’ section where all the essential documentation is located.

The first of the regional tours to New England will take place from September 28th to October 6th. There are 22 people in 12 cars participating. At the May Meeting, I floated the idea of a Kimberley Tour in 2021. It will be at least 5 weeks with opportunities to ‘drop in and dropping out’ throughout the tour. Since then there has been interest from eight members. Stay in touch if interested because this will be a beauty! As well, there will be weekend run to Port Macquarie in June 2020 and a regional tour to The Southern Highlands and The Illawarra in October 2020. Why not join us on a tour or weekend run!

Supporting our many events are our Milestones where members driving or riding their historics/classics have the distance travelled recognised with certificates. We have driven our historics/classics 535 600 kilometres in the last three years. At our September Meeting, certificates were presented and our distance travelled continues to accrue unabated.

At our September Meeting, I began the evaluation process of our Annual Concourse. Our concourse is special as it is very different to the more generalised show ‘n shines we attend. At the October Meeting, I will report on the findings of the survey circulated at the September Meeting. It will stimulate discussion at that meeting and at our committee meeting. Ideas may lead to proposals and these will put to the membership at the November and December Meetings.

We have enjoyed the hospitality and convenience of Bakers Cottage for many years. It is important that we as a club recognise and support them.

Please enjoy our roads and drive with care, courtesy and consideration.

Ian Scanlon

President and Events Co-ordinator