Welcome to our April edition of “Give us a Brake”. We had our March meeting at Telarah Bowling Club and everything ran very smoothly. I look forward to a long relationship between MCMA and Telarah Bowling Club. I urge members to join as social members and to dine at the bowling club before our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month.


All meetings were cancelled during the COVID-19 lockdown, and this included our committee meetings. In February 2020 the committee established and approved an appeals protocol for historic registration. It has been included in Club Bulletin No.1: Club Registration that is on our website. The text of the protocol is as follows and I urge you to read it carefully before our April Meeting when it will be discussed, and hopefully endorsed, by the membership.


Registration disputes

If a member has difficulty understanding a process, or the originality ruling of a scrutineer, they should ask the question of the scrutineer firstly, and if they are not satisfied, discuss it with the responsible person (head scrutineer) who will attempt resolution by providing the necessary information. If unresolved, the member should refer the issue to the MCMA committee. In the case of referral to the MCMA committee, their decision is final.

Throughout this process members are expected to:

  1. 1.Act in good faith and with integrity.
  2. 2.Access and read all of the information provided at the website addresses above, and the bulletins.
  3. Support their case by having all of the documentary evidence possible, regarding the originality of their vehicle. Sourcing this information is the member’s responsibility. If it is not provided, the referral will be dismissed.


Planning is happening for a number of extended runs. There is an‘Off-the-bitumen’ Run over 4 days (April 25th-28th) based in Nundle. The Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend Run will be held on the second weekend in June (June 12-14th) to Port Macquarie. The Illawarra Southern Highlands Tour will be held over 9 days, September 19th-27th.  I am planning a few ‘mid-week overnighters’, two days and one night in autumn and spring. We’re running out of time and money, but I’ll see what I can do.


RMS has foreshadowed some changes to historic registration. There is a new, and smarter, logbook. More importantly, a Factsheet regarding historic registration is available still in draft. A copy is on their website. Check this out, because if adopted it will apply to all of our HVS registrations. Once adopted it will be too late to complain. Right click on the address below and ‘open hyperlink’.



Stay mobile, healthy and safe.  Please drive with care, courtesy and consideration. See you on a run soon!


Ian Scanlon