Welcome to our June edition of “Give us a Brake”. Now our home is at Telarah Bowling Club please support the club by joining as a social members (or as a player), by dining their before our meetings on the first Tuesday of each month and other times at your leisure. One of our longest members and former president Bob Roberts has been very successful at the Rolls Royce Owners’ Club’s concourse d‘elegance in Melbourne. Bob’s 1926 Rolls Royce 20 h.p. won two trophies - The Champion Car of the Event and the Best Australian Coach Work. Congratulations to Bob and all of the club members that supported him.

This week the first of the Overnighters based at Tamworth (May 19th and 20th) was attended by 17 members driving 11 cars. We visited Gloucester, Nowendoc, Nundle, Tamworth (overnight) and Quirindi. Our next Overnighter will be in spring and will be based around Bowraville. The Queen’s Birthday Long Weekend Run to Port Macquarie on the second weekend in June (June 12-14th) is closed. It will spend time touring the mid-north coast. I hope that next year we will be sharing this run with the Berrima Club. The Illawarra Southern Highlands Tour is closed. It will be held over 9 days, September 19th-27th. We will visit The Royal National Park, and the scenic areas and coastline around Wollongong, Kiama, Berry and Jervis Bay. We will also visit the Southern Highlands and share some runs with the Berrima Club and attempt to win back our trivia trophy.

We are working towards our two ‘show and shines’ for 2021. I are planning our Annual Concourse in August or September and Alex has organised the Gresford Show ‘n Shine on October 17th. It will be excellent if these events are successful as we strive to get things back to normal. Make sure you have ‘your pride and joy’ ready to display with other club members.

It is easy to become complacent with adhering to COVID-19 restrictions and guidelines, but it essential that all club members, associates and guests do so. This will help ensure we all remain healthy and we can continue to do ‘club stuff’ together. Given our vulnerability due to age (some of us) and time spent on the road, the club has 20 members trained in CPR, Brett Wild has donated an excellent first aid kit that goes on all runs, we are purchasing a defibrillator, and we are in the process of training six active members in first aid.

Road safety is something we should all prioritise. Because we are a very active club with members driving and riding over 600 000 kms since July 1st 2016, we need to focus on a few things:

  1. We need be careful not to drive/ride in blind spots including manoeuvring in car parks.
  2. When stopping we need to move completely off the road and not risk a ‘rear-ender’ from on-coming traffic. If you must stop on the road or part of it, engage your hazard lights.
  3. When driving on a run ‘in procession’ it is important to keep up with the vehicle in front to reduce distracting the leader with persistent use of rear view mirrors. This minimises the need for everyone having to stop, where it is safe, whilst slower vehicles catch up.

RMS has foreshadowed some changes to historic registration. There is a new, and smarter, logbook. More importantly, a Factsheet regarding historic registration is available still in draft. All formerly proposed changes are currently ‘on hold’ and the documents ‘in draft’. We are now in an extensive consultation phase. The Council of Heritage Motor Clubs (CHMC) will represent our interests. They are currently touring the state presenting information sessions on these changes but just as importantly, club processes and procedures. They are due in the Hunter in July.

Keep checking our website. I try to upload new photos from our runs and events every fortnight. There should be photos up at the weekend of our Autumn Overnighter. Until we meet again at a meeting, a run or event, or socially, stay mobile, healthy and safe. Please drive with care, courtesy and consideration.

Ian Scanlon