Welcome to our June newsletter as we enter our third month of social isolation due to the Covid 19 pandemic. We are seeing a slight easing of the restrictions. I hope all members and their families are fit and healthy and coping with the restrictions. This month I have produced a photographic record from the archives - our 2016 Tour of The Great Ocean Road. I hope you enjoy it. At this stage our Tour of the Illawarra (October, 2020) and our Tour of the Kimberley (June-July, 2021) are going ahead.


A big thank you to members who have submitted the story of their vehicle/s. There are still many members with even more vehicles who need their story published. Keep your stories coming!


Memberships for 2020-21 are now due and must be paid before July 1st, to ensure currency of your historic or classic registration. Given the cessation of all club activities, the only way to pay your $50 membership is by EFT. Do not forget to identify yourself with this payment. The club banking details are:


BSB: 637 000      

ACCOUNT: 722593383

We curtailed all club events, runs and meetings due to the government response to the coronavirus. There will be no MCMA meetings until further notice. MCMA Bulletins 2 and 3 deal with the pandemic, and are available on our website. It is each member’s responsibility to stay healthy and not expose family, friends and associates to COVID-19. The way to do this is by:

  1. Adhering to all government authorities’ regulations/instructions/directives, and their doctor’s advice, regarding social distancing.
  2. Limiting unnecessary travel.
  3. Limiting unnecessary meetings with others.
  4. Limiting unnecessary contact if they have compromised immunity.
  5. Seek medical advice if they are not feeling well.
  6. Coughing and sneezing into a clean tissue and properly disposing of it immediately.
  7. Coughing and sneezing into their elbow if they don’t have a tissue.
  8. Avoiding touching any fixtures outside their home and especially in public, unless protected by gloves or paper towel;
  9. Wash their hands very frequently with soap and water, or hand sanitiser;
  10. Avoid touching their face.
  11. Adhering to at least 1.5 metres of social distance from others.
  12. Remotely staying in contact with, and occasionally visiting within guidelines, family and friends, and especially fellow club members.

With the governments’ slight easing of restrictions, MCMA members now have some latitude. As there are no official MCMA runs the only way to legally drive your historic or classic on public roads is through your logbook entry. MCMA Bulletin 3 Coronavirus: Easing Restrictions, published in this newsletter, provides guidelines for members to follow when using their HVS and CVS vehicles during the pandemic. This bulletin will be emailed to each member separately, as well as being uploaded to the website.

Please stay active and healthy and follow all government and MCMA guidelines related to COVID-19.

Ian Scanlon

President: Maitland Classic Motor Association