Welcome to our March edition of “Give us a Brake”. Our club has been very active over the last month, on the roads and at show ‘n shines. The year has begun in earnest and there is lots more to follow for your enjoyment.

Since establishment in 1992, we have published our newsletter, “Give Us a Break”. Recently, with the success of our website due to its all-encompassing detail, and the decline in posted print media, we need to re-visit the future of our newsletter. This will be discussed in detail at our March Meeting. I advise members to avail themselves of the information on our website. It covers all of our club’s activities and is up-to-date. Each month there are many photos uploaded that document what our club does.

Please ensure that you are a financial member of our club. This is essential for historic or classic registration. If your membership lapses you are technically unregistered and uninsured. In the case of a traffic infringement, or accident, this could expose you to a hefty fine, exorbitant costs, and/or an expensive and tense court case.

If your registration has lapsed, you can drive your vehicle directly to an authorised inspection station for a ‘pink slip’, to a scrutineer for an originality inspection, and to RMS for payment. You may also drive your vehicle directly to a workshop for urgent repairs. With the exception of the RMS visit, make sure you make an appointment for each of these visits. If in doubt, call a scrutineer for advice.

Our next runs away overnight are listed below. If you are interested, please add your name and details to the lists at meetings or events. Alternatively, send me a text on 0412726420.

  1. Our ‘Autumn Overnighter’ on Wednesday and Thursday March 29th and 30th.
  2. Our June Long Weekend to Wallerawang is for Saturday June 10th and Sunday June 11th.
  3. Our next tour will be in July - August 2024 to The Gulf of Carpentaria over 30 days.

When travelling together on a run, it is important to observe our run etiquette. Keep the driver behind you in sight. If they stop, you stop where it is safe to do so, and then pull out safely. Don’t pull out and then stop in the middle of the lane. Wait at an intersection if necessary. If you are leaving the run, inform the leader and back marker in advance. If followed, this etiquette should ensure we stay together and arrive safely together.

Our CPR/defibrillator training is due for a ‘refresher course’. Those who trained a few years ago, and others, are encouraged to participate in this course. On most official runs, the club first aid kit and defibrillator are available. In case of emergency, it is essential that we have members who are trained in CPR. Currently, of those who regularly attend events, few have this training. The update will be free to financial members and will be held at Telarah Bowling Club from 4:30 pm prior to our April meeting on April 4th. Please add your name to the list at the March meeting or at events, or send me a text.

Our calendar that is in this newsletter is indicative only, and runs and events can change any time. Make sure you read and understand the regular texts, and if anything needs clarification, call me (0412726420).

Please drive safely and considerately. Enjoy your historic and the pleasure it gives you and others on the road.


Ian Scanlon