Welcome to January-February, and it’s soon the start of another MCMA year. We had three great Christmas Parties in December. Our club knows how to celebrate! The photos in this newsletter are all from our Christmas Parties. The festive season will soon be over and we will be embarking head-long into our club year. Kick over your historic/classic and join us.


Our 2020 Calendar sold out all of the published 50 copies. The photos were determined through our monthly raffles. Thank you to the club members who proudly bought their calendar/s.


At our February Meeting we have some unfinished business to discuss, namely the nature of our 2020 Concourse. We will explore the runs and events of 2020, and evaluate our Christmas Party at the Hunter River Hotel. We will discuss the 2021 Calendar and we also have a guest speaker on male health

We will have returned from our Bathurst 12 Hour Weekend and will report to members. In 2020 a weekend run and regional tour have been determined. Our three day Long Weekend Run in June will be to Port Macquarie and our Regional Tour to the Southern Highlands and The Illawarra in October. I will finalise the expression of interest sheets at February meeting. At this stage, there are at least 10 cars and 20 people showing interest in attending both. Similarly, our ambitious tour in June-July 2021 that includes the Kimberleys, has attracted interest.

Our Bulletin No. 1 has been published and distributed to members. It is also on our website. This is the first of our bulletins. We will publish these bulletins when we feel it is necessary to update members of RMS and club membership expectations. Please ensure that you carefully read each bulletin and refer to the links to websites. If you have any queries, give me a call. Alternatively you can always raise a question or point of clarification at a club meeting.

At our December Meeting we had a long discussion about the types of vehicles the club might exclude from HVS/CVS registration. This was based on what we collectively believe what the club stands for and the ‘historical significance’ of the vehicle. This discussion still has a way to go and the committee will be considering a draft document in February to put to the membership at our March Meeting.

The Logbook Trial is now the Logbook Program. It is permanent and there may be further developments in the near future if the ideas that were floated at the focus group meetings in Parramatta were any guide. It is important to note that the Logbook Program is still optional – for clubs and for members. As a result, the committee will consider historic and classic vehicle movements of those members who are not on the Logbook Program. A copy of the August 2018 newsletter has been sent to everyone as this is the last time the ‘old process’, for those not on the Logbook Program, was published. Remember it is also in the members’ section of our website – remember to click on my nose of the home page.

I commend our club website to you. Go to: and click on galleries. Scroll through to see the wonderful range of vehicles in our club. Furthermore, have a close look at the Christmas Party Albums. Your photo might be there. Col Pike, our webmaster, has provided excellent support for us and has ensured that we are able to upload photos and automotive ‘for sale/wanted’, as they are available.

Please enjoy our roads and drive and ride with care, courtesy and consideration.

Ian Scanlon

President: Maitland Classic Motor Association