Welcome to our August edition of “Give us a Brake”. We are seeing the tightening of necessary restrictions for the suppression of COID-19. The debate is still occurring regarding suppression or elimination. Let the scientists and our political leaders manage this debate and our continued responses to the virus. I hope that all members are following the guidelines mandated by the authorities. If not, you or those close to you may get sick. Furthermore, we risk months and months of on-going, and maybe even greater restrictions. MCMA official runs and events are cancelled indefinitely. In this issue, I have gone back to the archives and published a photographic ‘peek’ at our fabulous 2018 Tour to Cooktown and North Queensland. We can be nostalgic about those great times prior to the pandemic.

On Sunday July 19th this text was sent to all members. “Given the COVID-19 issues in Victoria, and community spread in NSW we all need to be very vigilant. Today NSW Health has urged people to avoid non-essential travel and social gatherings. Furthermore, as from Friday July 24th group sizes in pubs, clubs, cafes and restaurants are limited to 10 people. As a result ALL club runs are cancelled (again). Until further notice, all vehicle movements require a logbook entry and this movement is for essential travel only. I will keep you informed by text of any changes or developments as they arise”. Since this text was sent, the situation in Victoria, and to a lesser extent in New South Wales, has become critical. There is now community transfer of the COVID-19 virus in the Hunter Region. Further detail is provided in MCMA Bulletin 4: Coronavirus Further Restrictions that has been included in this newsletter, emailed to members and uploaded to our website.

With the re-imposition of restrictions, we will not be having an August Meeting or AGM. Many thanks to the executive and committee for their efforts and for continuing in their roles until we can have an AGM. Members need to seriously consider nominations for the executive and committee. There is a definite vacancy for a treasurer. If you are interested, please call John on 0408684849 and discus the role.

We are still looking forward to our Tour of the Southern Highlands and The Illawarra. There is still a 50:50 chance that it will proceed. Bookings are heavy on The Illawarra and ours have been finalised. It will be a great tour with heaps to keep us entertained. A highlight will be the Trivia Competition between our club and the Berrima Club. The score is 2:1 in their favour, so we desperately need a win.

Our planning for our 2021 Tour of the Kimberley is almost completed. We are all hoping it can proceed as well. As soon as possible we will have a tour meeting to determine when and where members will join or leave the tour. Those intending to participate need to finalise their plans so that when we meet we can accurately map what each person and vehicle is doing. From here we can move to finalise accommodation bookings where needed.

During the pandemic, we have put in place an extraordinary membership application process for new club members. Through this process we have welcomed over 12 new members with interesting vehicles. I extend to our new members the very best of wishes and hope that they have a long, active and fulfilling time in our club.

Likewise during the pandemic, we have maintained our HVS and CVS Registration Processes based on social distancing and ‘one-person, one-car’ guidelines. Many thanks to Alex, Jim and Ian for their help and consideration during these difficult times.

Please drive with care, courtesy and consideration.

Ian Scanlon