Welcome to August where we are already one month into our membership year. As I will be overseas until September 26th, there will be no September Website Report and all club matters will be managed through the website, especially runs and events.

It is critical that members with HVS and/or CVS vehicles registered through our club maintain their financial membership. HVS and CVS registration requires a person to be a financial member of an RMS approved club at the time of registration. If a member becomes unfinancial their vehicle/s could be considered unregistered and uninsured by RMS. This could become a very serious situation if your vehicle is driven on public roads and attracts the attention of the police, or worse, is involved in an accident. For such a person and their family, this could involve an unpleasant and stressful court case. The moral of the story is – make double sure that you are financial.

Our Christmas in July event was very successful with 76 people attending. We enjoyed a two-course ‘Christmas-style lunch’ and a few fun games. Our charity committee of Veronica, Sue and Margaret had a large variety of donated prizes for our raffle and chocolate wheel spins. Members and our charities greatly appreciate the hardwork of these three ladies. $850 was raised for our charities at Christmas in July. We’ll do it all again in December!

Our next overnighter will be our ‘Spring Overnighter’ where we will venture to the central western slopes and probably stay at Gulgong overnight. More details will be published in early October on the website and by text.

Our next ‘off-the-bitumen’ bike and 4WD ride/drive will be late October based in Manilla and riding west to Boggabri, northeast to Bundarra, and east to Bendemeer. Each of these rides will be around 200 kms. More details will be published in early October on the website and by text.

Please check out galleries on our website. Many of our runs and events are recorded with photos that are uploaded to our website. Perusal of the galleries gives you a great idea of what club members experience on a run or at an event. Our most recent album has 19 photos from the recent display at the Maitland Pipes and Drums Festival. This was very successful, and we look forward to the Australian Pipe and Drums Festival being hosted at Maitland Park in 2024.

MCMA has been a strong supporter of charities over the last 15 years. Our current charities are Little Wings and Riding for the Disabled. They have again been selected as our charities for 2023-2025. Also, we have decided to support the Rotary charity, Maitland Health Stays, an initiative in its very early stages of providing accommodation for families accessing Maitland Hospital.

Prior to your registration being due, ensure that you have a current pink slip, that you make an appointment with a scrutineer, and drive your historic with the pink slip, RMS paperwork and club paperwork to this appointment. Remember that for the convenience of members, the club also has a registration morning on the third Sunday of each month at Bakers Cottage from 9:00 to 10:00 am. Our next 2 registration mornings are Sunday August 20th and September 17th.

When travelling together on a run, it is important to observe our run etiquette. Keep the driver behind you in sight. If they stop, you stop where it is safe to do so, then pull out safely; don’t pull out and then stop in the middle of the lane. This is extremely dangerous and discourteous. Wait/slow down at an intersection if necessary. Please be aware of vehicles other than those of club members in ‘the procession’. If you are leaving the run, inform the back marker in advance. If followed, this will ensure we stay together and arrive together.

Please drive safely and considerately. Enjoy your historic and the pleasure it gives us on the road.

Ian Scanlon