Welcome to our October edition of “Give us a Brake”. We have been enjoying lovely spring weather and even some rain. I hope that MCMA members are doing fine. I notice that some members are getting a little impatient because of the COVID-19 restrictions. That’s to be expected because there are no club runs, events or meetings, but we all have responsibilities to safeguard ourselves, our families, our club members and the wider community. In this issue, I have taken the liberty to go back to the archives and publish some of the moments on our fabulous 2019 Tour of New England. This was the first of our regional tours. Such tours will continue in 2022, after our last (?) ‘big tour’, the 2021 Tour to the Kimberley. It’s great to reminisce about the ‘good old days’ of club runs when since July 2016 we have driven over 500 000 kilometres on club runs in/on historics and classics. Remember ‘there is light at the end of the tunnel’ and it is not an approaching freight train.

The COVID-19 inside and outdoor group restrictions are still in place and the Premier said last week that they could still be the same around New Year - in her words a worst case scenario. As a result there will be no change to our MCMA Bulletin 4 in the foreseeable future.
Some club members have been talking about logbook drives, including picnics, with a few friends invited. That’s all good as long the organiser takes full responsibility for compliance with the restrictions – invitees stay home if they are not well, practice good hygiene, maintain social distancing, and strictly adhere to maximum group sizes (10 indoors and 20 outdoors). Furthermore, there should be no evidence whatsoever that the club is involved in the drive including no identifying banners, badges, caps or shirts. It’s just a few friends out together.

It is critical that all those ‘out-and-about’ with others are very careful with group sizes. 10 means no more than 10, and 20 means no more than 20. Numerous fines have been issued for breaches of these restrictions in the last week. A bowling club in Sydney was issued with a large fine for splitting larger groups into smaller groups of 10. 10 means no more than 10 (indoors). This might sound gloomy and restrictive, but it is all about eliminating/suppressing the virus. By all means use your logbook to safely enjoy your historic/classic. If you are inviting a few (club) friends, or you have been invited and want to include a few others, be very, very careful that you are all absolutely compliant with the New South Wales COVID-19 Restrictions.

Over the last six months, members have had plenty of time to think about their club – what they like, what they don’t like, what they would like to change, and what they can contribute. Our next AGM is the time to set a new direction with ‘new blood’ on the committee. Ideas are not good enough unless their proposers are willing to show some leadership. There is a definite and urgent vacancy already – treasurer. If you can do the job, give John a call on 0408684849 and discuss the role statement.

The 2021 Tour to the Kimberley is all but organized. Only the accommodation, flights and cruises are to be booked. We are desperately hoping for the borders to open so we can proceed. If not, we’ll just have to postpone. Afterall, just like to Tour of the Southern Highlands and Illawarra, the hard work has been done, so we are talking about postponements not cancellations.

Remember that our three scrutineers are inspecting vehicles for HVS and CVS compliance. Get a pink slip, make an appointment with a scrutineer (see contacts on page 2), and take along all of the completed RMS and club paperwork. Thanks you Alex, Jim and Ian Scott.
Best wishes to all members and their families. Stay happy, healthy and safe. Enjoy your historic and classics and drive with care, courtesy and consideration around our fabulous under lovely spring-time southern skies.

Ian Scanlon