Welcome to our December edition of “Give us a Brake”. With the lifting of lock-down and its associated restrictions, club members who are ‘double vaccinated’ have some increased freedoms. It is critical that club members stay abreast of the restrictions that are still in place until around December 15th. If you are not double vaccinated, I urge you to do get vaccinated as soon as possible because some club members who are ‘double vaccinated’, even with booster shots, are getting nervous about your increased chance of infection and transmission when restrictions are lifted. It is important to note that at the December Meeting there will be no binding motions on the membership put to the meeting. Each, if any, will be accepted as a notice of motion for the February Meeting.

We managed to ‘get on the road’ in November with a Sunday barbeque run, and mid-week runs. Ten of us even managed to get away for four days in and around Nundle on off-road bikes and outfits. These were great rides and we hope to do more in and around Mount Seaview Resort in December.

We will have two Christmas Parties in December. They will be for members, associates and guests who are double vaccinated (this may change closer to the events). The mid-week Christmas Party is budgeted around everyone paying. The Christmas Party at Telarah Bowling Club is budgeted as free to members, with associates and guests paying their way in advance. I will be calling for numbers soon. Members need to understand that if they register for the Christmas Party but do not attend, they will be responsible for the cost of their meal

It is important to remember that most members are on the logbook scheme. You can use your historic/classic 60 days per annum for maintenance and personal reasons. As long as you make a logbook entry, you can contact other club members and have a logbook drive together. You do not have to wait for a club run or event. Design your own! Invite your club colleagues, but remember the COVID restrictions.

With the club getting ‘back on the road’, last month I strongly recommend that members and their families download the Emergency Plus App. In an emergency, this app. accurately locates your position (latitude and longitude) for Triple 000 access anywhere in Australia. Go to the App Store on your mobile phone and download it. It is free and potentially a lifesaver.

I have included a draft calendar in this newsletter. Please note that this calendar is verified with my regular texts. The calendar is indicative only, and runs and events can change any time. Make sure you read and understand the regular texts, and if you need clarification, call me (0412726420).

I have been in touch with members who expressed interest in our 2023 Tour of Tasmania. I contacted the Spirit of Tasmania regarding our forward and return voyages on December 31st 2022 and January 26th, 2023. I plan a similar ‘figure eight’ route around Tasmania that we did in 2019, with more time in and around Hobart than before. There are 40 people and 22 cars currently ‘on the books’. If you are interested, let me know as soon as possible. Deposits will be required in the first half of 2022.

Now out of lock-down, let us continue to stay in touch with club colleagues. Phone for a chat, share interesting things electronically, and send interesting motoring articles and jokes/cartoons for us to share. Get out on some of our runs and events. Stay healthy, stay safe, look after each other, enjoy your historics/classics, smile and laugh a bit. Remember that ‘tomorrow is a new day’!

Ian Scanlon