Welcome to our October edition of “Give us a Brake”. As we are still in lock-down and under the “stay at home rule”, all MCMA runs, events and meetings are postponed indefinitely. As a result, I have not published the calendar in this newsletter but later in this report, I have suggested some possibilities for runs and events between November and Christmas.

With the recent announcement of the roadmap to reopen the NSW economy after 70% of the eligible population is vaccinated, there may some possibilities for some club runs and events. Of course, these will be dependent of such things as full vaccination, face mask wearing, social distancing, and maximum group sizes. If things work well with the road map, we may be able to:

  1. enjoy a few weekend breakfast or twilight runs/picnics,
  2. celebrate with a Christmas Party,
  3. display our vehicles at a concourse,
  4. ride the forestry trails around Nundle over a few days, and/or
  5. participate in our Spring Overnighter around Bowraville.

Finally, be aware that by the time you read this report, it will be dated and a number of things might have changed regarding the COVID situation and the road map out of lock-down.

Last month I strongly recommend that members and their families download the Emergency Plus App. I would like to reiterate that recommendation. In an emergency, this app. accurately locates your position (latitude and longitude) for Triple 000 access anywhere in Australia. Go to the App Store on your mobile phone and download it. It is free and potentially a lifesaver.

Likewise, last month I strongly suggested that lock-down gives us the chance to do some of the things we have been putting off for a while, especially with our historic and club vehicles. Roadworthiness is critical for safety, but also for your ability to enjoy all of the opportunities extended to our members by our club. All of those runs, tours and events spring to mind. These are great opportunities to enjoy historic and classic motoring, on previously undiscovered road to undiscovered places with like-minded people. It is difficult to overstate the role of the club in providing opportunities for members and associates to socialise and forge new and lasting friendships. This is what distinguishes us from most other clubs.

While in lock-down, more so than other times, continue to stay in touch with club colleagues. Phone for a chat, share interesting things electronically, and send interesting motoring articles and jokes/cartoons for us to share. Until we are back on the road again, stay healthy, stay safe, look after each other, and enjoy the funny side of life.

Ian Scanlon