1968 MGB

Alan McLean

I owned three MGBs over many years and I still look back with fondness for the Mark.

My first MGB was a 1968 MK2 roadster that I purchased from a gentleman in Queensland shortly after full professional restoration. At the time of purchase I didn’t really appreciate just how good this car was as usual the best cars to buy are the ones that are recommended by someone who knows someone that knows someone and even then you will want to have your eyes open.

As I found out later the only reason the car was for sale was that the man that I purchased it from was terminally ill and died shortly after my purchase. I purchased the car without driving it as the previous owner didn’t offer to let me drive the car (we did go for a run) so the first drive I got was onto the car trailer.

An MGB in good well maintained condition is a really nice car to own and drive, and it could easily be used as your everyday vehicle and has no bad manners. Fast cornering will sometimes bring on a bit of rear axle bounce but isn’t that why you buy a sports car.

I did take this car to the GOF (Gathering of the Faithfull) MG display in Wagga Wagga and received a second out of a big field of 22 Mark 2 B’s so it must have had something going for it. If you are buying a MK2 roadster try and get one with a folding roof that stays on the car and not stack away because if it starts to rain by the time you have installed it you will be drenched.

Many MGB’s that I see for sale are NOT what the seller is claiming. There’s a really good book called Original MGB’  by Anders Ditlev Clausager that’s a must to buy before buying a MGB.

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Alan’s MGB