2020-03 Off-Road Bike, 4WD and SUV Mid-Week Run based at Nundle

Twelve of us based ourselves at Fossickers' Caravan Park in Nundle from Monday March 16th to Thursday March 19th. There were 5 riders of bikes, 2 riders of bikes and sidecars, and two support vehicles. Tuesday was 270 kilometres of mainly gravel through Niangala, Woolbrook, Bendemeer, Woolbrook, Kootingal and Woolamin. Wednesday was 340 kilometres through Nowendoc, Riamukka, Brackendale, Tia, Gingers Creek and return. A BSA collection for sale near Riamukka was viewed by Ian and listed on this website under For Sale and Wanted. 610 kilometres of motorcycling was greatly enjoyed and another run in late October-early November is planned if Covid 19 is under control and sanctions lifted.