1946 Packard Clipper 8

John Ashton

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John’s 1946 Packard Clipper 8 as it was when he bought it in Melbourne in June 2016.


John’s Car

In 2016 I had the crazy desire to reconnect with the happier times of my teen years and on the 50th anniversary of buying my first Packard in 1966, I found a 1946 Packard Clipper 8. This was the first model Packard made after the war before the production of the Super Clippers and other models. The car has the 4.6 L (282 cu in) straight eight engine with three speed column transmission and automatic electric overdrive. Only about 5000 of this model were made. The engine develops 125 HP at 3600 rpm and 280 ft.lb. torque (380Nm) at 1200 rpm with an 85 mph top speed. Fuel economy is around 17mpg or 16L/100km.  I love driving it.

John Ashton

April, 2020.